We provide you with a variety of content and activities that will help you to work the topic with your pupils and to focus your participatory work


There are two participation categories:

Category A


Years 1, 2 and 3 of primary school

Category B


Years 4, 5 and 6 of primary school

The jury will take into account the age of the pupils when evaluating their work.

How to take part

Have your students discovered the value of women throughout the course of history?
Have they investigated the professions of women around them?
Have they run across and identified gender stereotypes and inequalities?

Now is the time to find great female role models for today’s society! Women who succeeded in becoming what they wanted with commitment, hard work and determination, becoming role models: politicians, singers, actors, painters, footballers, scientists, aviators, entrepreneurs...Encourage your students to pick their favourites!

All classes that enrol can download a poster WOMEN IN HISTORY (great women of the past) that you can add to by creating your own works (great women of today): As a group-class, you can work to draw attention to women in history, that is to say, four great women of today, who are alive now or have lived in this century. Remember that at least one of them must be a Spanish woman. Learn about one woman in each of these four areas:

actresses, singers,
painters, writers,
swimmers, athletes, weight lifters, football players, basketball players, coaches...
physicists, astronauts...

You can present this POSTER by scanning or photographing the work and uploading a jpg of no more than 2MB or with a VIDEO of no more than one minute in .mp4.

Both options (poster or video) must be accompanied by a pdf of an explanatory document, no more than 2 sides of an A4 sheet. You can use this explanatory document to show the work done by the group or class.

We want to know who they are and why you have chosen them! Consider the reasons why your four choices are important for to society, because fame is not enough... And get to work! You have until April 30th to upload a photo or scanned image of your poster or video of up to 1 minute to the private area.

The technique or techniques that you use to create your poster is totally open:
drawing, photography, collage…

The participative project

Is your work on WOMEN IN HISTORY ready?

If you haven't started yet, remember that you have until 30 April to upload your group/classwork in the private teachers’ area on this website, which will consists of a scanned image or video no longer than one minute long. Remember that the poster or video must be accompanied by an document explaining the work done by the group-class.

Upload project

We can’t wait to see your project,
let’s keep making history in gender EQUALITY!

Participation implies full acceptance of these rules

¿Qué valorará el jurado?


The jury will evaluate these aspects for all the projects submitted:

  1. The impact, fame and contribution to modern society by the chosen women in each field who live or lived in this century. The 21st century!
  2. Line of reasoning for why your students have selected these four women.
  3. Originality, creativity and quality of the artistic techniques employed in creating the poster (with consideration of the children’s ages).